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IMC fulfill your dream! Enjoy Europe in your desired vehicle on German license plates.

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Schäferweg 10, D-24941 Flensburg

Welcome to IMC Internationaler Motorclub

IMC was established as an association 25 years ago. The Association was back then a“child” of a car-house in Flensburg which among other things sold motorhomes. The founder of the IMC was the owner of the car house, Klaus-Erik Ramm.

Many Danish customers back then wished to be an owner of a motorhome. For most of them this was an unattainable dream, a dream which the high Danish duties put an end to.

IMC was therefore established with the purpose to give the Danish people the opportunity to live out the dream of experiencing Europe from a motorhome.

It soon proved to be an idea with potential. During the first 5 years the association achieved 500 members. And it quickly turned out that it was not only Danish people, who wanted to join the association. It also applied to citizens in the other northern countries, and especially Danish people with residence in Greenland.

Other vehicles

Already a short time after the birth of the association, members came who needed to have a passenger car under the “wings” of the IMC. Typically, the members were Danes with residence all over the world. These members needed a vehicle when they were “home” from jobs elsewhere in the world. Over time, some companies have also had a fleet of vehicles to use for their workers so that these could travel in Europe with style. – There is also a minority of members, who has a special car, - for example a Ferrari or a Harley Davidson MC. – standing at the IMC.

This mix of different member’s interests and needs has always been the strength of the IMC. For a period the share of members with private cars has by far been the biggest part of the members. In other periods though, the amount of members with motor homes have been significant. There have always been a sufficiently large number of members, to assure the daily operations of IMC, and also assure that the IMC has had an economy which has made it possible and vigorous.

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Her kommer du til vores udlejning
Her kommer du til vores udlejning

World Wide IMC Internationaler Motorclub

Our members with resident all over the world benefiting from IMC´s advantages. You live in Denmark, you are an expatriate Dane, a pilot with changing workplace in Europe or have a company in Denmark and need a fleet of cars for your expatriate staff – IMC will help.

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